The ‘Gram

It’s a Metaphorical allusion,

Synonymous to an illusion,

Just a facade of ourselves,

Sugar coated with cherry on top.

No one can decipher,

What lies beyond the veil

For it is rigged and bleak

Drawing parallels to the other.

Your ideas of sheer perfection,

Bewitchingly juxtaposed to all,

Sometimes I wonder with speculation,

That maybe it’s all a delusion.

But at the end of the day,

It’s just another persona

Of a Enigmatic mystery

To myself.


Nature’s Delight

Flurries of white fleece

Sky adorned in blue hues

Emanating radiance of sun

Serene calm of the moon

Fresh gusty winds approach

Green pastures delight

Droplets fall from the sky

Joy of a newly bloomed flower

Great hope takes encover

Peace surrounds nature!